About Us

... once upon a time

Foto z histórie The MODEX company was established and first time presented its collection in 1950 in Slovakia, Žilina city. The number of employees was about 58 at that time.

PThereafter, MODEX had passed many of changes followed by actual social or political situation in the country. Even though, MODEX has always been focused on the fashion trends, needs and calls from its challenging customers and the high quality of the production.

MODEX, Ltd. is a Slovak designer and producer of women confection clothes with about 60 years long tradition.

Elegant oriented design, using the actual fashion trend elements and the high quality processing, is setting the production to the top level.

... today

Foto z histórie Nowadays, MODEX is operating with about 180 employees and whole production, technical facilities, stock areas and administration is concentrated in Slovakia.

MODEX has also got its own team of designers. The collection, which includes about 150 pieces of models manufactured from the high quality Italian and French fabrics, is prepared twice a year. Range of sizes is from D 34 until D 52. Excepting of two big collections every year, there is created also number of small series of the models called “pronto moda”, which is reflecting the red-hot fashion trends presented by the world known fashion designers.

Process of production is going by the latest available technologies and development in field of fashion industry. The quality level of production is achieving the top of the world fashion. Every model, which is going to leave, is checked by professional stuff. This way, we just bring the best...

... vision & mission

Foto z histórie We would always like to be the right partner for the women, who will find in our models her own style...

We would like to bring a pleasure with high quality, modern and elegant fashion pieces to many women all around the world...

We would like to introduce our collection also to You...